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Software Testing

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Top 5 Recommendations:
book cover graphic How Google Tests Software, by J. Whittaker, J. Arbon, and J. Carollo (2012)
An informative internal view of Google's approach to testing its large variety and scale of software. A clue to their approach is seen in the first page of the first chapter, in which Whittaker notes that software testing at Google is part of a division called 'Engineering Productivity'. Includes chapters describing Google's SET's (Software Engineer in Test), TE's (Test Engineer), and TEM's (Test Engineering Manager). Also included are many interviews with Google engineers, how Google came by its approach to development and testing, their test automation strategies, etc.
book cover graphic Lessons Learned in Software Testing, by C. Kaner, J. Bach, and B. Pettichord (2001)
An excellent compilation of ideas from three well-respected people in software testing, Cem Kaner, James Bach, and Bret Pettichord. The book contains more than 300 statements/questions/ideas, in the form of a sentence or two, and each is followed by several paragraphs of explanatory information, all in a highly readable format. Includes a great deal of practical advice along with testing philosophies. Since the topics are mostly non-technical, most of the book is still highly relevant despite being published some time ago.
book cover graphic Perfect Software and Other Illusions About Testing, by G. Weinberg (2008)
Weinberg is a prolific author of software engineering books including 'The Psychology of Computer Programming' and the 'Quality Software Management' series. 'Perfect Software' is an accessible and readable discussion of many of the non-technical yet highly challenging aspects of software testing. Topics include 'What Testing Cannot Do', 'Why Not Just Test Everything', 'How to Deal with Defensive Reactions', 'What Makes a Good Test', 'Major Fallacies About Testing', 'Testing Scams', and more.
book cover graphic How to Break Web Software, by M. Andrews and J. Whittaker (2006)
The full title is 'How to Break Web Software: Functional and Security Testing of Web Applications and Web Services'. This is a practical and readable book focusing on web security testing, with chapters on how web security testing issues are different, testing attack strategies, authentication, privacy, web services, and more. Somewhat dated but still useful.
book cover graphic Beautiful Testing, by T. Riley, et al (2009)
23 essays from 27 leading testers and developers that illustrate the qualities and techniques that make testing an art. Essays are organized into sections such as 'Beautiful testing satisfies stakeholders', 'Collaboration is the cornerstone of beautiful performance testing', 'Bug management and test case effectiveness', 'Beautiful large-scale test automation', 'Test-driven development driving new standards of beauty', 'Testing one million web pages', and more.

Other Books in 'Software Testing' Category:

  1. Exploratory Software Testing: Tips, Tricks, Tours, and Techniques to Guide Test Design, by J. Whittaker (2009)
  2. App Quality: Secrets for Agile App Teams, by J. Arbon (2014)
  3. A Friendly Introduction to Software Testing, by B. Laboon (2016)
  4. Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement, by W. Lewis, et al (2008)
  5. Explore It!: Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing, by E. Hendrickson (2013)
  6. Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, by L. Crispin, et al (2009)
  7. More Agile Testing: Learning Journeys for the Whole Team, by J. Gregory, et al (2014)
  8. How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing, by M. Heusser et al (2011)
  9. Testing Computer Software, by C. Kaner, et al (1999)
  10. Managing the Test People: A Guide to Practical Technical Management, by J. McKay (2007)
  11. Pragmatic Software Testing: Becoming an Effective and Efficient Test Professional, by R. Black (2007)
  12. The Domain Testing Workbook, by C. Kaner et al, (2013)
  13. Software Testing: Fundamental Principles and Essential Knowledge, by J. McCaffrey (2009)
  14. How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing, by J. Whittaker (2002)
  15. Testing Applications on the Web, by H. Nguyen et al (2003)
  16. Critical Testing Processes, by R. Black (2003)
  17. Systematic Software Testing, by R. Craig, et al (2002)
  18. A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design, by L. Copeland (2003)
  19. Software Testing, 2nd Edition, by R. Patton (2005)
  20. Rapid Testing, by R. Culbertson, et al (2001)
  21. Software Testing Fundamentals: Methods and Metrics, by M. Hutcheson (2003)
  22. Best Practices for the Formal Software Testing Process, by R. Drabick (2003)
  23. Effective Methods of Software Testing, by W. Perry (2006)
  24. How We Test Software at Microsoft, by A. Page, et al (2008)
  25. Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification (2019)
  26. Software Testing: An ISTQB-ISEB Foundation Guide, by P. Morgan, et al (2010)
  27. Introduction to Software Testing, by J. Offutt, et al (2016)
  28. Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing: A People-Oriented Approach, by W. Perry, et al (1997)
  29. Starting to Unit Test: Not as Hard as You Think, by E. Dietrich (2014)
  30. Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems, by S. Krug (2009)
  31. Handbook of Usability Testing: How to Plan Design and Conduct Effective Tests, by J. Rubin et al (2008)
  32. A Practical Guide to Usability Testing, by J. Dumas, et al (1999)
  33. Java Testing and Design: From Unit Testing to Automated Web Tests, by F. Cohen (2004)
  34. A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software, by D. Sykes, et al (2001)
  35. Black-Box Testing, by B. Beizer (1995)
  36. Effective Software Testing, by E. Dustin (2002)
  37. Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews, by D. Freedman and G.Weinberg (1990)
  38. The Craft of Software Testing, by B. Marick (1995)
  39. The Art of Software Testing, 3rd Ed., by G. Myers et al. (2011)
  40. Software Testing: A Craftsman's Approach, by P. Jorgensen (2013)
  41. Essential Software Test Design, by T. Ryber (2007)
  42. Testing of Complex and Embedded Systems, by K. Pries et al (2010)
  43. Fatal Defect: Chasing Killer Computer Bugs, by I. Peterson (1996)
  44. Testing Safety-Related Software : A Practical Handbook, by S. Gardiner (Editor) (1999)
  45. Software Reliability Engineering : More Reliable Software, Faster Development and Testing (2nd Edition), by J. Musa (2004)
  46. Beta Testing for Better Software, by M. Fine (2002)
  47. Fit for Developing Software: Framework for Integrated Tests, by R. Mugridge, et al (2005)
  48. Game Testing All in One, by C. Schultz, et al (2011)

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Software Test Automation

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  1. The Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner's Guide to Automating Tests, by J. Rasmusson (2016)
  2. Selenium WebDriver 3 Practical Guide: End-to-end automation testing for web and mobile browsers, by U. Gundecha (2018)
  3. Experiences of Test Automation: Case Studies of Software Test Automation, by D. Graham et al (2012)
  4. Selenium Framework Design in Data-Driven Testing, by C. Cochiarro (2018)
  5. Software Testing Automation Tips: 50 Things Automation Engineers Should Know, by G. Alpaev (2017)
  6. Mastering Selenium WebDriver, by M. Collin (2018)

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Mobile Testing

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  1. Hands-On Mobile App Testing: A Guide for Mobile Testers and Anyone Involved in the Mobile App Business, by D. Knott (2015)
  2. Software Testing: A Guide to Testing Mobile Apps, Websites, and Games, by M. Garzone (2014)
  3. Mastering Mobile Test Automation, by F. Louis, et al (2015)
  4. Test iOS Apps with UI Automation: Bug Hunting Made Easy, by J. Penn (2013)

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Software Security Testing

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  1. The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing, by P. Kim (2018)
  2. Real-World Bug Hunting: A Field Guide to Web Hacking, by P. Yaworksi (2019)
  3. RTFM: Red Team Field Manual, by B. Clark (2014)
  4. Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking, by G. Weidman (2014)
  5. The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy, by P. Engebretson (2013)
  6. Hacking: Basic Security, Penetration Testing and How to Hack, by I. Sharpe (2015)
  7. The Web Application Hacker's Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Flaws, by D. Stuttard, et al (2011)

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Load Testing

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  1. The Art of Application Performance Testing, by Ian Molyneaux (2014)
  2. Learn Jmeter in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn Jmeter for Beginners, by K. Rungta (2017)
  3. BPF Performance Tools: Linux System and Application Observability, by B. Gregg (2019)

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Software Quality Assurance

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  1. Handbook of Software Quality Assurance, by G. Schulmeyer, et al (2007)
  2. Quality Software Management: Vol. 4 Anticipating Change, by G. Weinberg (1997)
  3. Practical Guide to Software Quality Management, by J. Horch (2003)
  4. The Economics of Software Quality, by C. Jones, et al (2011)
  5. CMMI for Development: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, by M. Chrissis, et al (2011)
  6. Integrating CMMI and Agile Development, by P. McMahon (2010)
  7. Customer Oriented Quality Assurance, by F. Ginac (1997)

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Requirements and User Stories

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  1. User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development, by M. Cohn (2004)
  2. Software Requirements, by K. Wiegers (2013)
  3. Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset, by K. McDonald (2015)
  4. User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product, by J. Patton (2014)
  5. Mastering the Requirements Process, by S. Robertson, et al (2012)
  6. More About Software Requirements: Thorny Issues and Practical Advice, by K. Wiegers (2005)
  7. Software Requirement Patterns (Best Practices), by S. Withall (2007)
  8. Writing Effective Use Cases, by A. Cockburn (2000)

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Software Metrics

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  1. Agile Metrics in Action: Measuring and Enhancing the Performance of Agile Teams, by C. Davis (2015)
  2. A Guide to Selecting Software Measures and Metrics, by C. Jones (2017)
  3. Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability: An Introduction, by D. Vacanti (2015)
  4. Software Development Metrics, by D. Nicolette (2015)
  5. Metrics and Models in Software Quality Engineering (2nd Edition), by S. Kan (2002)

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Software Engineering

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  1. The Pragmatic Programmer: Your Journey to Mastery, by D. Thomas, et al (2019)
  2. Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction (2nd Edition), by S. McConnell (2004)
  3. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship, by R. Martin (2008)
  4. Code Craft: The Practice of Writing Excellent Code, by P. Goodliffe (2006)
  5. Software Engineering 10th Edition, by I. Sommerville (2015)
  6. Professional Software Development (2nd Edition of 'After the Gold Rush') by S. McConnell (2003)
  7. Software Engineering: A Practitioners Approach, by R. Pressman, et al (2019)
  8. Coder to Developer: Tools and Strategies for Delivering Your Software, by M. Gunderloy (2004)
  9. The Practice of Programming, by B. Kernighan, et al (1999)

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Software Project Management

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  1. More Effective Agile: A Roadmap for Software Leaders, by S. McConnell (2019)
  2. Clean Agile: Back to Basics, by R. Martin (2019)
  3. Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme, by R. Wysocki (2011)
  4. The Unicorn Project: A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving, by G. Kim (2019)
  5. The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win, by G. Kim, et al (2018)
  6. Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management, by S. Berkun (2008)
  7. Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (2nd ed.), by J. Highsmith (2009)
  8. The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management, by T. DeMarco (1997)
  9. Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, by T. DeMarco, et al (2013)

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Leadership and Culture

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  1. Joy, Inc.: How We Built a Workplace People Love, by R. Sheridan (2015)
  2. The Lean Startup, by E. Ries (2011)
  3. Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach, by G. Weinberg (1986)
  4. Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale, by G. Gruver, et al (2015)
  5. The Lean Mindset: Ask the Right Questions, by M. Poppendieck, et al (2013)
  6. The Lean IT Field Guide: A Roadmap for Your Transformation, by M. Orzen, et al (2015)
  7. Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration, by E. Catmull, et al (2014)
  8. It's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy, by D. Abrashoff (2002)
  9. Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale, by J. Humble, et al (2015)
  10. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, by P. Lencioni (2002)
  11. Changing the Way We Change, by J. LaMarsh (1995)

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Technical Background Basics

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  1. AWS: The Ultimate Guide From Beginners To Advanced, by T. King (2019)
  2. Murach's HTML5 and CSS3, by A. Boehm, et al (2015)
  3. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, by M. Myers (2014)
  4. Learn Version Control with Git, by T. Gunther (2017)
  5. Hands-On RESTful API Design Patterns and Best Practices, by H. Subramanian, et al (2019)
  6. RESTful Web APIs, by L. Richardson, et al (2013)
  7. XML: Visual QuickStart Guide (2nd Edition), by K. Goldberg (2008)
  8. Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming, by E. Matthes (2019)
  9. Learning Python; by M. Lutz (2013)
  10. Intro To Ruby Programming, by J. Elder (2016)
  11. Java For Testers: Learn Java fundamentals fast, by A. Richardson (2015)
  12. Java: A Beginner's Guide, by H. Schildt (2018)
  13. Thinking in Java (4th Edition), by B. Eckel (2006)
  14. xUnit Test Patterns: Refactoring Test Code, by G. Meszaros (2007)
  15. A Tester's Guide to .NET Programming, by R. Root, et al (2006)
  16. Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET, by J. Newkirk, et al (2004)
  17. Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, by A. Hunt et al (2007)
  18. Visual Basic for Testers, by M. Sweeney (2001)
  19. Jumping into C++, by A. Allain (2013)
  20. Learning Perl, by R. Schwartz, et al (2016)
  21. Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook, by I. Langworth, et al (2005)
  22. SQL in a Nutshell, by K. Kline (2008)
  23. How Linux Works, by B. Ward (2014)
  24. The Object-Oriented Thought Process, by M. Weisfeld (2019)
  25. Selenium WebDriver Quick Start Guide, by P. Chaubal (2018)
  26. Debugging: The Nine Indispensable Rules, by D. Agans (2002)

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Other Books

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  1. The DevOps Handbook: How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, and Security, by G. Kim, et al (2016)
  2. Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps, by N. Forsgren, et al (2018)
  3. Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases, by J. Humble, et al (2010)
  4. Agile Estimating and Planning, M. Cohn (2005)
  5. Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art, by S. McConnell (2006)
  6. Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design, by R. Martin (2017)
  7. Balancing Agility and Discipline: A Guide for the Perplexed, by B. Boehm, et al (2003)
  8. Working Effectively with Legacy Code, by M. Feathers (2004)
  9. Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience by J. Gothelf, et al (2016)
  10. Test Driven Development: A Practical Guide, by D. Astels (2003)
  11. Quality is Free, by P. Crosby (1992)
  12. Joel on Software, by J. Spolsky (2004)
  13. Smart and Gets Things Done: Joel Spolsky's Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent, by J. Spolsky (2007)
  14. The Mythical Man-Month, by F. Brooks (1995)
  15. Waltzing With Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects, by T. Demarco, et al (2003)
  16. To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design, by H. Petroski (1992)
  17. Test-Driven Development: By Example, by K. Beck (2002)
  18. Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (2nd Edition), by K. Beck (2004)
  19. Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (3rd Edition), by S. Krug (2014)
  20. Rocket Surgery Made Easy: The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Finding and Fixing Usability Problems, by S. Krug (2009)
  21. Safeware: System Safety and Computers, by N. Levenson (1995)
  22. Are Your Lights On?: How to Figure Out What the Problem Really Is, by Gause & Weinberg (1990)
  23. The Psychology of Computer Programming, by G. Weinberg (1998)
  24. Death March: Surviving Mission Impossible Projects, by E. Yourdon, et al (2003)
  25. Code Reviews 101: The Wisdom of Good Coding, by G. Carullo (2019)

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