Current Advertising Programs

Thank you for your interest in advertising on, one of the most well-respected and long-established Software QA and Testing web sites on the web. Since it's beginning in 1996, has been relied upon as a resource by more than 8 million site visitors, from nearly every country on earth.

Advertisements on are viewed by a large worldwide audience of Software QA, Testing, and Development professionals and managers.

Two advertising options are available:


Option 1: 125x125 ads in upper right of web pages
4 ad slots. Each ad will appear on all eleven web pages.

Examples can be seen in the upper right of this example web page .

Ad size: Ads are 125x125 text ads or .gif/.jpg/.png button ads. Send us the .gif/.png file (file size 20K max) and landing page URL; ads must be served from servers. Advertisement order-of-appearance is rotated continuously on a real-time basis. (See ad example page and refresh it multiple times and note ad rotation.)

There is one ad per ad slot - so if four ad slots are showing, that means only four total advertisements are running; all ads appear with every page view, and the position of each rotates on a continuously random basis among the four positions showing.


Option 2: Single 468x60 ad near the top of each web page by itself, separate from the other ads. The ad will appear on all eleven web pages.
One ad slot only

An example can be seen in this example web page .
This ad, being separate from other advertising, can provide additional prominence.
You provide the ad file and landing page URL you'd like to use; ads must be served from servers. Ad file (.png, .gif, .jpg) size 30K max.

Please contact Rick Hower to inquire as to
ad slot availability, pricing, or for additional information.

Rick Hower
Digital Media Group Inc.
Box 9021
Reston, VA 20195