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The web site collects the following non-personally-identified visitor information:

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From time to time this Site uses ClickTale web analytics service. ClickTale may record mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity as well as any text you type in this website, including certain personally identifiable information you provide to the Site. ClickTale also may track your browsing habits across other websites that use ClickTale services. ClickTale uses this information in accordance with ClickTale's Privacy Policy for Information Collected by the ClickTale Web Analytics Service ( We use the information collected by the ClickTale service to see how users navigate our site, and to identify ways to improve the site. You can choose to disable the Clicktale service at

From time to time information may be used for new, unanticipated purposes not previously covered in this privacy policy. Changes to this policy will be posted here.

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